Chloe18 is the fastest Growing adult-game of it's kind,

Different from most Adult-games out there, Chloe18 is not a novel where you just read and click next.

Take control of all Chloe's actions, going to school, working and Meeting new people as you decide where the story goes,

Explore the city, the school, visit Chloe's friend, and much more.

Walk-though here

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Published 13 days ago


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Love your game, bit dissapointed i can't be your patreon tho, i'd like to get acces to that content.

patreon says your page is under review, so i thouht i'd donate a few bucks, maybe i could get it that way... dead end.

keep up the good work, love to see where you take Chloe.

I am able to save but how do I quit and load my save point again? Do I get  login authentication?